viernes, 8 de febrero de 2008

There's Nothing Better Than Old Wine

Days without my babe, wasted months looking for someone wasted... I wished I could manipulate time and go back a few days...

My hands were tired, my special photo became old but my love was the same. Sadly, I got sick of my satisfaction game...

I remember the night when I got drunk with a fancy bottle of my grandfather's old wine. My dreams drove me to a wonderful moment and #54 raised her hand and said she was present.

I opened my eyes and she was next to me, I was not alone in my bed. A glorious dream where didn't matter if I looked bad, if I didn't shave or if she didn't wash her teeth. We were together again! #54 had a great smile but I put her photo on her face after we had a great night.

We drank more of my old wine bottle, the food was excellent and the sex like never before because, this time, I made it with love. That day my place at college was empty, my teacher felt tranquility but I enjoyed twice of happiness than he did.

I bought her a dress; my wallet had no limits in dreams. My house was the same but I saw it prettier 'cause she was waiting for me inside. Finally, I had a reason to arrive home earlier.

The girl talked to me every second and I tried to wake up. Thinking about #54 alive made me crazy but I couldn't wake up from that dream! I was real! She was on my bed and a coffin in the mausoleum was empty!

My room started to call the flies and the bad smell woke me up from an awful illusion! I had a corpse in my house, worms in my bed and a used condom in the floor.

I had a much fucked up mind! My psychologist would pay his kid's college with me! I was pretty insane but I had to get the hell out that purple and teeth less body from my bedroom! So, I put that thing in my car and destroyed the mausoleum's door again with the corrupt security-guy's help. He "thought" I worked in medicine school since I offered him my gold ring.

I felt rejected by myself before cleaning the vomit spot from the pillow. I changed the sheets and made shreds out of #54's photo! I didn't want to know more about that girl anymore and gave away all of my old wine!

I got sick the next two days and never told #30 what really happened. He assumed I had diarrhea because of the smell!

When I went to college again, I was prepared to date real girls again! My promise about dating chicks without mechanical help had to be broken quickly! The damn ticket machine won! I did need my red-metal friend... However, I was not ashamed about that! Besides, nobody knew about my effective method to meet girls! This is my reborn, my return! The library stud is ALIVE!

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caro dijo...

I still like #93 more than any other chic you write about...