miércoles, 5 de marzo de 2008

We’re All Alive With The Glory Of Love

It was a rainy day, one of those days that always achieve a sad moment in a movie and one of those days when you decided not to take the umbrella with you.

#30 and I were in the library because he wanted to buy some copies that our history teacher told us to study for next day’s test. He bought an extra copy for his blue-eyed girlfriend. I almost forgot about her! So, I asked #30 how was that relationship going on.

“We’re not fine… She’s too far from me and I think someone told her about your Great-Hero-Big-Bang-Sodom-Party… I guess this will end soon…” he said. #30 downed his head and I decided to talk about something else. I had a trial next week; I told him I was accused as suspect in the crime because the cops thought that I was part of the whole plan, but I stopped when #21 arrived.

-What’s going on? - She asked while she gave us kisses

-I’ll break up with my girlfriend, he’s going to jail soon and we’re buying some copies which have taken too long! - My friend said with an angry voice to the library girl.

-Oh, my God! Did you sell your porn videos to kids again? –

-Shut up, lesbian… I have a trial next week but I’m going to win that, I have a gorgeous lawyer by my side. I think you would like her-

-No, you have really bad taste… But right outside there’s a hot chick that spanked me when I was walking! And I don’t even know her! I’m not the only lesbian around here –

- How is she? – The old nerd asked

-She has beautiful blue eyes; I think she’s your girlfriend –

-What the fuck!? – I said in the middle of my laugh

-Just kidding… Nobody spanked me, I’m just bored… This day sucks. I hate when it rains –

I stopped smiling because #30 seemed not very happy with that joke, not because he didn’t laugh, which he did, but because I know him very well. There’s nothing more deceiving than a smile and my dude was an excellent hypocrite, he was the king, and the library girl was the Queen with her fake friendly attitude when she gave us our copies.

#21 crashed with the ticket machine as we went out the room full of students and teachers screaming for their copies.

#30 walked straight to his girlfriend to give her the History copies and one last kiss. The blue eyed girl took him from the hand after putting the white pages with some pink ones inside her purse. His car with dark windows was not far, the sad lovers had to run very fast to skip the rain drops and get inside to start with the end...

They started a hard conversation, she had a bad feeling and my friend hugged her inside of his car. The girl's hands were shaking, waiting for him to say “good-bye”. #30 closed his eyes for a moment to think about that situation and analyze if he was making a mistake, the answer from his brain and his heart was “no, the only thing you’ll miss about her can be found in any other girl”.

The “over” word was pronounced, a blue-eyed girl was heart broken and had left her purse inside of a boy’s car.

#30 ran out from his car to give her the forgotten purse, she took it and kissed the guy to make him regret about what he had lost.

It was a rainy day, one of those days that always achieve a sad moment in a movie and one of those days when you decided not to take the umbrella with you.

My friend stayed in shock down the rain, he could difference between the rain drops and angry girl’s tears. She really loved him, so much that she didn’t say anything when he cheated on her. He broke up with her before she could leave him; he did what any other coward would’ve done in his place.

“Did you talk with #30… or however you call him… about that little thing?” #21 asked me when we were watching the water falling from the sky through a window. I told her I wasn’t sure if he was gay but if he was, I wouldn’t stop talking to him, unless he would confess me his love…! I would kick his brains off!

From a point of view, it’s not such a bad catastrophe to be liked by a guy. That means that I’m so sexy that I can attract girls, dudes or whatever! It’s not my fault to be so damn hot! Maybe I just wanted to feed my histrionic personality!

Am I wrong? Nah… I’m always right, don't I? Well, at least I'm going to keep getting good scores in History! Thank you #30! But don't speak