lunes, 19 de mayo de 2008

My Cellmate's A Killer

It’s curious how we just stop sometimes to remember how we met some people, those embarrassing situations that made you want to disappear and that conversation with that person you never imagine will be your best friend. For example, I never expected to know coolest guy ever at prison!

Since he arrived to my cell, the lonely cage became a better place to live. We have lots of things in common, we didn’t like the food served in the alpha area, we were both accused for killing someone and we were innocent.

He was very shy and trembling the first night he spent here. His mouth was bleeding a little bit. Then I saw he was good looking and felt bad for him… That was a sign of what kind of welcome he received…

It was morning when talked the first time, he had his mouth shut… I don’t blame him… How couldn’t he being doing that? I know what they forced him to put inside his mouth last night… They did the same thing to me… Those corrupt cops let the other prisoners rape the new guys in exchange for a few dollars…

So, I told him I understood his situation… He kept in silence a little while before he said his name. I still didn’t know if I could trust him but I told him how some called me in prison: #07. He questioned about my nickname and I answered with another question: “Have you seen this cell’s number?” and we both laughed.

The days past and he taught me how to play poker with an old deck I had bellow my bed; I started his addiction to nicotine and together won many card games against other prisoners to get free smokes.

One day I tried to make a joke with a magic trick, I hid a cigar down my sleeve and acted as if he had it behind one of his ears but he hated it! I didn’t know what made him so mad but I never surprised him again…

This new cellmate resulted to be a great card player and we used that to win money to keep the cops away. He seemed to be happy about it but I knew he was just trying to survive this hell… That guy never admits it, but he wept when we where sleeping… He was innocent… Or at least, that’s what I thought.

Two months transformed us in cool friends, I was suffering my sentence and he was waiting the final announcement of his case. This young man was loosing his days at jail, he wasn’t having a bad time but happiness wasn’t the word that could explain his condition. That’s why I asked him what happened that night the police brought him to my almost empty room.

“Did she really kill herself?” I asked.

He was very sincere; I think he revealed all his secrets because we had a nice day with our cards. We were celebrating our several victories smoking and lying in our beds, we were tired but he talked anyway.

My cellmate started his story with something I had discovered a few days ago; he confirmed to me his aversion to surprises. He preferred to know everything to be prepared against any trouble. So, when his ex girlfriend came to his house that night to tell him she was going to have his son, he didn’t smile at all.

He let her in, my friend was kind of happy they were inside his house because he had control of everything there; from the impeccable white kitchen to pistol he had next to his bed on a pine wood table.

He told me she smelled like beer, she was depressed and needed the alcohol to be brave, what she didn’t expect was that those eleven tequila shots and three beers were going to cause her miserable end.

“I’d never believe this baby is mine! You know I broke up with you because you didn’t want sex! That baby needs to meet his real father, bitch. I always knew you were cheating on me” he said with his strong voice.

“How can you even say that? You were the one who fornicated in those orgies! I knew about those crazy parties you went and I didn’t say a word because I loved you and this is how you pay!?” she replied.

“Well… I know it was wrong but I thought you were with other guys! And your baby is the proof of that! I’m not the father!”

“C’mon… You know we were still fine two moths ago, be a man! Accept this kid is yours! Admit it as I confess I cheated on you”

“What? Idiot girl… That was the stupidest thing to say… You just sink yourself! That baby could be anyone’s semen”

“You are the stupid here... Because I had real sex with girls who could make me scream, not fags like you, boy!”

Then, my friend was full of anger and wanting to beat her up to make her scream as anyone had done it ‘till that moment. So, he grabbed her neck and threw her pregnant body over a bamboo table that would be broken seconds before in the living room. He knew that was wrong, so wrong that it felt good.

The poor girl dragged her body to the wall in order to stand up and escape from the mad guy who strangled her. However, the boy was quicker than her and he was sober.

My cellmate felt like crap, he was a failure as a man and he had to eliminate any proves of it. He took a pointed piece of broken bamboo to hit her but she skipped a bloody death and made it to the kitchen.

She was scared, desperate and crying, maybe because her parents forced her to leave the house and threatened her with calling the police if they see her blue eyes around in the house again, but mostly because she couldn’t find a single knife when her ex boyfriend approached.

Somehow, she took off a drawer from a cabinet and hit it against the boy’s head, making him fall dizzy, but not for long time. At least, that movement let her run to the second floor, she almost collapsed on the stairs but she carried on when he screamed.

My poker partner is very strong; he had no problem to be fine after that collision. Immediately, he raised a baseball bat he had near the stairs to punish the intruders.

The blue eyed girl looked herself inside the main bedroom. My cellmate heard she was there; sobbing, sick and vomiting noises were going out from that room.

“GET OUT, BITCH! I’M GONNA KILL YOU!” he kept yelling as he tried to knock down the door with his bat, especially when she shot a bullet through the wall in front of my friend.

The alcohol made her think weird thoughts, easy escapes and rare dreams… The ecstasy secretly put in her drink helped a little as well…

“OPEN THE DANM DOOR!” he said. Then, she did what he hated the most: Surprisingly, the lock was being opened and when he pushed the door she said with a funny voice: “Good-bye!”

Yes, my cellmate though for a second he was dead! But when he entered the bedroom, saw her agonizing body shacking on the floor, bleeding and staining his carpet with her blood. So, he moved the body outside the room, where there’s ceramic instead of fancy carpets…

The girl had a big hole in her head, even like that, my friend called the 911 line…

The police arrested him two months ago for a crime he didn’t do… Of course he just said she committed suicide because she used drugs and alcohol… All the mess was done by her drunken condition. He tried to help her when she locked herself inside the bedroom, that’s why the door was almost destroyed… Unfortunately, he couldn’t prevent the tragedy… That’s what he said to the judge and that’s why he left the prison yesterday...

Keep writing, don’t forget about me, dude. Come and visit your good friend #07. I still like to play poker with you.

lunes, 12 de mayo de 2008

It’s True, We All Get Together When We Bury Our Friends

Since my neurons can remember, I’ve always liked to visit places with someone else. It could be a little trip to the supermarket, a few steps to the neighbor’s store or even go to the second floor in my own house! But I enjoy spending my days accompanied rather than alone. That’s why I decided to look for a pretty girl in the library to go to the blue eyed girl's funeral.

It was tragic! Another funeral in the city! And I had nobody to go with! It was Tragic with a capital “T”!

So, I came to my red metal friend: The Ticket Machine! And it introduced me to #17, a girl with a beautiful face and money, but she had no boobs at all! Everything was fine; the only thing I had to do was look at her face all the time!

Anyway, we arrived to the funeral thanks to her dad’s black limousine. Everybody watched our appearance with envy, very open mouths and, somehow, #21 smiled when #17 saw her! They were friends, classmates and God knows what else because a hug like that in a funeral is not typical at all!

I didn’t say a word against that hot movement because it turned me on and I knew she was bisexual, her popularity was based on that! Lucky me!

Immediately, #21 started crying and #17 said she was sorry about the blue eyed girl, obviously she understood the whole situation. Then I remembered everything, with all the commotion about #30 been arrested I had forgotten the lesbian was dating the dead girl! Poor thing, I let her know how sorry I was and the ceremony began.

That funeral made think a lot of stuff, especially how depending on my way to treat people affects the amount of flowers that will have my headstone in the cemetery.

There are people who touch the depths of your soul and make you feel special, people who speak messages that appear to be dispatched from Heaven, people who make you smile, handsome journalists aged 17, people with addictive personalities that become the cigar of your fun, people you can call at 3 o'clock in the morning because you have a problem, people who by all these things you look obliged to like and love. Unfortunately, the blue eyed girl was not one of those people! Apparently, everybody was waiting anxiously to her death! See three people mourn for her death was like asking the Egypt's Sled Team won a competition! Only an obscenely fat boy with mental problems wept, without offenses, literally he had mental problems and was very, very fat!

It’s very probable that she was an embittered woman who complained about everything, selfish and capricious. Due to this funeral with little assistance, I have decided to treat people better, appreciate more what they do and respect their views. I would like to be surrounded by lots of crying people at my funeral.

May she rest in peace... I hope she can forgive me for my vocabulary in this black and boring party…

#21 was the only person with a sad face; she was so confused about her dead girlfriend that she had to leave the place… The blue eyed girl’s mother was quite relaxed and sad at the same time, and the corpse’s father wasn’t even present, I don’t know why but that was very weird… Maybe #30 had a good reason to kill her…

It’s good to know #87 is working to get #30 out of prison, that way I can know everything about this rare situation…

The coffin was being buried, #17 was holding my arm and then I heard that comment floating through the well dressed people: “Thank God that damn boy is eating crap at jail! He deserves it!”

Those thirteen words made me turn around, launch my fist against a man’s face and pay a dentist that I’ll never visit.

“What’s wrong with you, boy!?” said who seemed to be his wife. I looked and told her that he has no right to talk about my friend that way! We don’t even know if he killed her! He said to the newspaper he heard a shot and then the girl was gone! Maybe she committed suicide! We still don’t know! It was last night!

The blue eyed girl’s mother walked between us, she asked the man if he was fine because his mouth was bleeding. “Get out. Let my daughter rest in peace. Leave now and never come to me again” she said with the same hate face everyone had.

I fix my red tie and walked away from the cemetery. I felt bad about what I did… But I was still proud about it; I defended my friend as he would do it for me.

“I can’t believe you leave without me!” #17 said after followed me to the exit.

“What?” I replied

“You left me alone!”

“I’ve just been thrown out from a funeral because I punched a guy and you’re arguing why I left you there!?”

“Yes! How could you do that!? Everyone smirked to me!”

“You know what? Go to hell… I don’t care about you anymore. Get out of my way, don’t talk to me again and get your boobs done, they are too damn small…”

After that last comment, I jumped on my motorcycle and left the place… #17 did what I ordered and never said a word to me at college.

I need to clear my mind and choose better ticket numbers… That last one sucked…

Wait for me #30; I’ll give you a little visit at your new home…

viernes, 9 de mayo de 2008

18 year old girl murdered near the capital

An 18 year old girl was shot and murdered last night in a house near the capital, the man who reported the crime was arrested minutes after.

At 9 o’clock, the house’s owner called the paramedics because he heard several shots inside his bedroom.

“My ex girlfriend visited me to talk but she started screaming and locked herself inside my bedroom” he said.

According to the police, only one bullet hole was found in the murder scene and the girl’s body.

“We arrested the boy. He had his shirt covered with blood” said one of the officers that assisted to the crime scene.

The main and only suspect claims he didn’t kill the woman. He keeps a gun inside his room in case of emergency.

“I knocked the bedroom’s door several times because my ex locked herself inside, she was crying and screaming. Then I heard the shot” the suspect affirmed.

The crime scene investigators found strong signs of violence inside the house, especially in the kitchen, living room and the main bedroom.

The bedroom’s door showed recent punch marks. Inside the room, the carpet was covered with blood and one mirror in one of the walls was broken.

“I watched strange silhouettes fighting in the kitchen, so I called the police” commented one neighbor.

According to that neighbor, the couple was having a discussion about an affair, a woman and money.

This is the second crime in the city this year. For months ago, a female corpse was found far down the city’s lake.

Six days after hard searching, the murderer was reveal by the police when they arrested a 19 year old girl who had the corpse’s eyes on her refrigerator. The woman died by lethal injection eight weeks ago under a judge’s order.