lunes, 12 de mayo de 2008

It’s True, We All Get Together When We Bury Our Friends

Since my neurons can remember, I’ve always liked to visit places with someone else. It could be a little trip to the supermarket, a few steps to the neighbor’s store or even go to the second floor in my own house! But I enjoy spending my days accompanied rather than alone. That’s why I decided to look for a pretty girl in the library to go to the blue eyed girl's funeral.

It was tragic! Another funeral in the city! And I had nobody to go with! It was Tragic with a capital “T”!

So, I came to my red metal friend: The Ticket Machine! And it introduced me to #17, a girl with a beautiful face and money, but she had no boobs at all! Everything was fine; the only thing I had to do was look at her face all the time!

Anyway, we arrived to the funeral thanks to her dad’s black limousine. Everybody watched our appearance with envy, very open mouths and, somehow, #21 smiled when #17 saw her! They were friends, classmates and God knows what else because a hug like that in a funeral is not typical at all!

I didn’t say a word against that hot movement because it turned me on and I knew she was bisexual, her popularity was based on that! Lucky me!

Immediately, #21 started crying and #17 said she was sorry about the blue eyed girl, obviously she understood the whole situation. Then I remembered everything, with all the commotion about #30 been arrested I had forgotten the lesbian was dating the dead girl! Poor thing, I let her know how sorry I was and the ceremony began.

That funeral made think a lot of stuff, especially how depending on my way to treat people affects the amount of flowers that will have my headstone in the cemetery.

There are people who touch the depths of your soul and make you feel special, people who speak messages that appear to be dispatched from Heaven, people who make you smile, handsome journalists aged 17, people with addictive personalities that become the cigar of your fun, people you can call at 3 o'clock in the morning because you have a problem, people who by all these things you look obliged to like and love. Unfortunately, the blue eyed girl was not one of those people! Apparently, everybody was waiting anxiously to her death! See three people mourn for her death was like asking the Egypt's Sled Team won a competition! Only an obscenely fat boy with mental problems wept, without offenses, literally he had mental problems and was very, very fat!

It’s very probable that she was an embittered woman who complained about everything, selfish and capricious. Due to this funeral with little assistance, I have decided to treat people better, appreciate more what they do and respect their views. I would like to be surrounded by lots of crying people at my funeral.

May she rest in peace... I hope she can forgive me for my vocabulary in this black and boring party…

#21 was the only person with a sad face; she was so confused about her dead girlfriend that she had to leave the place… The blue eyed girl’s mother was quite relaxed and sad at the same time, and the corpse’s father wasn’t even present, I don’t know why but that was very weird… Maybe #30 had a good reason to kill her…

It’s good to know #87 is working to get #30 out of prison, that way I can know everything about this rare situation…

The coffin was being buried, #17 was holding my arm and then I heard that comment floating through the well dressed people: “Thank God that damn boy is eating crap at jail! He deserves it!”

Those thirteen words made me turn around, launch my fist against a man’s face and pay a dentist that I’ll never visit.

“What’s wrong with you, boy!?” said who seemed to be his wife. I looked and told her that he has no right to talk about my friend that way! We don’t even know if he killed her! He said to the newspaper he heard a shot and then the girl was gone! Maybe she committed suicide! We still don’t know! It was last night!

The blue eyed girl’s mother walked between us, she asked the man if he was fine because his mouth was bleeding. “Get out. Let my daughter rest in peace. Leave now and never come to me again” she said with the same hate face everyone had.

I fix my red tie and walked away from the cemetery. I felt bad about what I did… But I was still proud about it; I defended my friend as he would do it for me.

“I can’t believe you leave without me!” #17 said after followed me to the exit.

“What?” I replied

“You left me alone!”

“I’ve just been thrown out from a funeral because I punched a guy and you’re arguing why I left you there!?”

“Yes! How could you do that!? Everyone smirked to me!”

“You know what? Go to hell… I don’t care about you anymore. Get out of my way, don’t talk to me again and get your boobs done, they are too damn small…”

After that last comment, I jumped on my motorcycle and left the place… #17 did what I ordered and never said a word to me at college.

I need to clear my mind and choose better ticket numbers… That last one sucked…

Wait for me #30; I’ll give you a little visit at your new home…

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That was pretty sweet! I liked this onw, it had a lot of your personality traits on it!!!