viernes, 9 de mayo de 2008

18 year old girl murdered near the capital

An 18 year old girl was shot and murdered last night in a house near the capital, the man who reported the crime was arrested minutes after.

At 9 o’clock, the house’s owner called the paramedics because he heard several shots inside his bedroom.

“My ex girlfriend visited me to talk but she started screaming and locked herself inside my bedroom” he said.

According to the police, only one bullet hole was found in the murder scene and the girl’s body.

“We arrested the boy. He had his shirt covered with blood” said one of the officers that assisted to the crime scene.

The main and only suspect claims he didn’t kill the woman. He keeps a gun inside his room in case of emergency.

“I knocked the bedroom’s door several times because my ex locked herself inside, she was crying and screaming. Then I heard the shot” the suspect affirmed.

The crime scene investigators found strong signs of violence inside the house, especially in the kitchen, living room and the main bedroom.

The bedroom’s door showed recent punch marks. Inside the room, the carpet was covered with blood and one mirror in one of the walls was broken.

“I watched strange silhouettes fighting in the kitchen, so I called the police” commented one neighbor.

According to that neighbor, the couple was having a discussion about an affair, a woman and money.

This is the second crime in the city this year. For months ago, a female corpse was found far down the city’s lake.

Six days after hard searching, the murderer was reveal by the police when they arrested a 19 year old girl who had the corpse’s eyes on her refrigerator. The woman died by lethal injection eight weeks ago under a judge’s order.

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