martes, 12 de febrero de 2008

I Never Told You What I Do For A Date

My parents decided to move to their old house and let me keep the apartment. I don’t go to work anywhere but they’d send me some money each fifteen days to the bank, they also gave me a debit card that I had to pick up yesterday at the bank.

I parked my motorcycle outside the building and went through the metal detector machine, a beep sounded; I left my keys and some coins in a locker to enter.

The bank had lines in the floor to form a line, three open windows to attend people and fifteen chairs with four guys and nine girls using them. I was really surprised when I saw a ticket machine; it was next to the crystal door but I couldn’t practice my special method because I had no extra ticket. However, I reached to see a pretty girl in the second chair and a free space over the third one.

“Sorry. Could you tell me which number is in the electronic board?” I asked her, she had brown eyes, a short skirt, three years older than me and no bra. Her smile appeared before she said the actual number.

A conversation started between us, she seemed to be interested in me, and maybe that’s why she didn’t ignore me.

Her black hair was perfectly done; it shined as the moon and had an excellent sense of humor. She even made a joke about my socks and their different colours, we both laughed.

“#87” yelled one of the three boys in the cashiers. The girl from the second chair gave me a “nice-to-meet-you phrase” and walked directly to the first open window while I was writing a text message to #30 about how she turned her look a second to watch me.

A huge mirror in one of the walls showed me my pants zipper open while I was waiting for my best friend to answer! So, I downed my eyes a little moment to fix my exposing problem and raised my head, immediately, a reflection in the mirror painted a big guy with a gun entering through the broken glass door.

Take off my belt, whip the bad man’s pistol and aim him with his own gun! Yeah! That’s what Rambo would’ve done! Instead, I just fell to the floor as he told us to do! The big guy ordered the boys behind the windows to give the money to #87 and if one of them didn’t do it, he would shoot her!

The police received an alert call when the door smashed with the thief’s car. So, they were already coming when the big guy shoot a girl’s leg inside the bank that tried to escape. He got mad and broke the huge mirror with one hysterical shot!

“I need you to be faster, fuckers! FASTER!” he screamed when the last boy in the cashier gave a bag full of money to the crying #87. That was one of those moments in slow motion that make you feel like you need to do something quickly and force you to be brave!

I walked in total silence straight to the thief, a sharp piece of the broken mirror worked as a weapon and the big guy was giving me his back to accept #87’s money bag, I stroke a violent pose but #30 answered my message! A little beep made the guy turned his whole body with killing purposes and put his gun against my left eye! SHIT! I felt warm metal touching my skin! That was it! I was declared dead! Or that was what I would’ve normally thought but this time, the adrenaline invaded all my veins, my hands moved faster, the sharp piece of mirror slashed one finger and scratched another from the thief’s hand! One of the hosts picked up the pistol and aimed the big guy while the floor got lots of blood.

The police came with two ambulances. We all were interviewed when the thief was taken to jail’s hospital.

#87 gave a card with her phone number, she was a lawyer and she wanted to defend my case! She called me a “hero” and hugged me in a sexy thankful way. My happiness level went up to the top, just as my ego. I saved lives that day and I deserved to be an idol.

The news talked about the event until today and I will get a medal tomorrow. Also, #87 called me to go to dinner after the ceremony! I couldn’t believe what happened but I liked it, it was a cool story and I was the main character! What could be better than that?

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Pakku dijo...

Ok, estoy 100% seguro que #87 es minimo complice, sino la que planeo todo el asalto.....

No veo mucha relacion entre esta caja metalica roja y la anterior, me parecia mas divertido cuando se unia todo por culpa de la biblioteca....

No recuerdo mucho mas, lo lei hace ya rato...
ayudame a ser un mejor vampiro, un link a la vez

Anónimo dijo...

No creo que #87 tenga algo q ver, seria muy previsible

Caro! dijo...

gave ME a debit card that I had to pick up yesterday AT the bank.

I parkED my mo

humor -> NO U

while I WAS waiting for my best friend TO an