miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2008

I Constantly Thank God For The Sins

I woke up with a rare feeling… Thinking about the bank incident and wondering if that was real! I opened my eyes and cleaned them with a little scratch of my nail, but what I saw after that weird dream, was people! One girl next to me, a boy with a chick sleeping in the corner of that bedroom and two young women hugging each other in the floor!

I tried to get out as quickly as possible but I couldn’t find my clothes! My balls were exposed for five seconds and I had to take a pillow to cover my strangely tired penis! The fancy bedroom’s door opened and #30 appeared wearing his pants only. “Let’s go, dude! What a cool party! But I don’t wanna pay for the damages for the broken Jacuzzi! ” he said while he threw me my shirt and stuff.

The elevator took us to the first floor to escape from the four stars hotel. My mind didn’t work to well at that moment, so #30 explained everything to me. He told me about my “Great-Hero-Big-Bang-Sodom-Party”, he laughed at me about my chicken dance when I was drunk and threatened me with giving me a big punch if I couldn’t remember the “JC Chasez video” becoming true! Lol (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hw6OqwU4wAs)

Instantly, when he said that, I started to revive every minute of it! Everything, from the dirty dancing and the tequila, to the dizzy karaoke and bed time! The biggest party in my life and I almost forgot it!

#30 hesitated about something but stopped and changed the subject with a special-girl conversation. “She’s great, doesn’t she?” he asked, I thought he was talking about last night’s blond but #21 was the main character. We met her yesterday and her curly brown hair remind me the wonderful heaven #54 used to talk about.

The day I met #21 I left a boy and an ugly girl before she moved her light hand to take that number from the library’s ticket machine. I made my method work and we began a three hour conversation! In fact, we went to a hamburger restaurant, finished our fast food and kept talking happily!

We both liked movies; the two of us enjoyed telling jokes about everything, she loved My Chemical Romance as much as I do and had all their CD’s! We had so much in common that she even liked girls! That’s fucked up!!!!!!!

I was so close to find my true love… #21 seemed to be the one but we both collected Carmen Electra’s naked photos…

Whatever, I still told her about my Great-Hero-Big-Bang-Sodom-Party and she decided to go when I allowed her to go with a girl friend.

“Finally, we have a lesbian friend! Now we’ll know how they replace a penis!” said #30 with a big pervert smile. I laughed and answered that I was going to see her again, the next day, so I could ask her if she wanted to… lol

#87 called me when I was driving my motorcycle. I waited to stop to phone her back and when I had arrived to the mall (were I was supposed to see #21), my sexy lawyer picked up her phone and notified me about a meeting in one week to discus my case.

I walked and talked with #87 until gaze #21, she had already bought the tickets to the movie. “Let me pay you those…” I said to the curly girl, but she just made a mad face! “Why do you have to pay!? Why can’t I invite you!? Is that because I’m a lesbian!?” she yelled! Oh, my God! That was so embarrassing that I had to do something! So, I pulled down her raised and angry arms to kiss her. She didn’t say anything and allowed me to do that, yes, for one second! She pushed me and screamed even louder! And I did the same! “Shut up! SHUT THE HELL UP! I JUST WANTED TO BE A NICE GUY! STOP THIS RIDICULOUS SCENE RIGHT NOW!” People around us kept silence and repugnant faces as if we were two crazy gorillas…

We decided to enter to the screen room where we would watch the movie. The story was quite funny, it wasn’t comedy but the special effects sucked! The main character was a thin space cowboy; he had a tall cowboy and a pretty lesbian as friends. “She’s you!” I said while laughing, “And those gay cowboys are you and your main dude! And I’m not kidding” she answered also smiling. I acted as if I was mad because I though she was making a joke but she really believed that!

-I’m not gay! - I reclaimed.

-I know that, but not for too long- she said and ate some pop corn.

-Why can you even think that!?-

-I saw how your boyfriend watched you last night while you were having sex with the blond girl; he desired to be there-

-Shut up! #30 is not gay!-

-#30!? What the hell is that!?-

-Long story… But I’m pretty sure he’s straight-

-Well, you can think that. I know how the rainbow-flag world is and I can detect gay dudes. #30 is homosexual and it’s not a bad thing for me, my personal point of view… You haven’t noticed about this, but he’s making you fall in love with him in a slow and intelligent way… I did that with my last girlfriend-

The silence caught me and I didn’t know what to say. Maybe #21 was right, maybe not, but something in the back of my mind told me she wasn’t lying… Why would she lie to me? Oh, God. Now I would have to end our friendship. Breaking up with a girlfriend is very easy, but break up with a boy!? Shit! That’s too gay!

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and cleaned them with a little scratch OF my nail,

My balls were exposed for five seconds and I HAD TO TAKE a

her curly brown HAIR

decided to GO w

penis!” SAID #30 with a -> IT'S NOT A QUESTION

I waited TO stop to phone her bac

walked and talkED with #87 until gaze #21, s

to the movie. “ -> NO S

o, I PULLED down her raised and angry arms to kiss

ny, it wasn’t comedy, AND the special -> WHY BUT?