martes, 17 de junio de 2008

This City Is Nothing But A House Of Wolves

What would happen if you were dying from a heart attack right now? Would you be worried about being almost dead or afraid to keep on living? Would you let yourself go in peace because you now you did everything the best you could do it in life or you’d be crying for leaving someone mad at you because you said or did something bad to that person? At least, I’m not even sure if I’d go to heaven… Thank God I’m going to church today!

It’s time to wear my fancy clothes, clean my black shoes and look for the little black Bible #47 gave me a few days ago. And yes, the gray eyed girl visited the ticket machine last Friday. We talked about college, I told her how I won a perfect score at this week’s test because my old teacher fled the city (a student threatened him with cutting his head if he didn’t give my classmate an “A” on that test), the mafia is the worst thing you could try to fight and my professor knew that. Not even the police could do something against those law breakers; it’d be stupid because some cops are open to free this kind of criminals for a few dollars. I think my teacher did the best for him, that student had a huge tattoo in one of his arms with the southern mafia logo on it…

However, the whole church started. Well dressed people kept entering the sacred placed even after I saw #47 at the main door. It was a nice building, they didn’t have those catholic paintings on the walls or that big bleeding Jesus that had always make me feel guilty! In fact, I met some people of my same age; the man who talked about “the last days of our world” was an excellent preacher and that last video they played on the screen accomplished its goal, because it really scared me!

“The day after God’s arrival is near! He shall come with no advice!” the fat preacher said, he took a little breath and continued. “That’s why you have to be prepared. Because he could claim his people in two months, in one week! Or even right n…--” then the Bible he had on his hands fell on the floor because he had disappeared! Two hundred people vanished in only one second; their fancy suits were lying on the floor, three men threw their fists against the closest thing to calm down and four ladies were crying. Yes, God came when anyone expected and those who had sinned were doomed. That video really scared me! So much that I decided to change, to reborn, to start a new life! Five days later I was doing the same things I’ve always done… I need to go to church (at least) once a week to remember I could go to hell if I don’t show any signs of holiness.

After service, #47 introduced me to her best friend, a cute blond girl with one fake plastic leg and a wheelchair. Immediately, she recognized me! She told me she had seen me at college’s library! That’s why she was so familiar to me.

“C’mon, give me a hug!” she said.

So, I did. Then she whispered at my ear some of the worst words someone could have told me in my entire life: “I now everything about the ticket machine. Don’t be afraid; just call me #85” the hug ended with her face smiling and me shacking! How did she know about that!? The gray eyed girl just watched a friendly gesture, she had no idea about my red metal friend; otherwise, the blond girl wouldn’t whisper that secret!

Anyway, #47 was there and I had to give a cool impression. So, we acted like that word exchange never happened because #85 decided to go to dinner with us. Obviously, I didn’t complaint! And as we ate, my knowledge about those girls grew quickly! They lived together and they moved to this city last year. One girl was extraordinary and the other one had one fake plastic leg. Oh, God! I had to report this to #30! It was impossible not to text that! So, I did!

Eventually, the gray eyed young lady went to the bathroom, alone, because her wheeled friend wanted to have a little chat with me.

“So… Do you like my dress?” the blond chick questioned.

“You know I’m not interested on a simple dress…” I replied while I took an almost empty glass with water to wet my throat.

“Ah… You mean… That whole game with the ticket machine? Well, I kind of like you and after several weeks following you, I’ve learned pretty much about your life”

My feet couldn’t stop moving, my hands were shacking again, so much, that I had to put the freaking glass on the table, I had to hide that. The only thing she had to watch was my mouth singing some rejection song or her friend dancing with me to the tune of her death. Meanwhile, a blond stocker was going to be erased from my plans.

“Was it a bad car accident or you were born like… that?” I asked, trying to make her upset.

She answered in less than a second; my inappropriate question was received as a sign of interest on her life! I love drama, but that story she told was science fiction! A man following her on a school bus trying to kill her and her friend… Yeah, right… And, by the way, I’m virgin… I hate when people recurs to a stupid lie to talk… Thank God #47 arrived just in time to save my ass!

“Oh, no! You’re talking about the accident again! You promised me you’d never tell someone about that again!” my gray eyed angel exclaimed as she sat down. We had a cool dinner before that, the food was great and I made them laugh. I know #85 pretended to smile… Her laugh sounded so forced and fake that I realized she’d be the worst girl on the Earth to have sex with!

The memorable moment of the night was the big fly that flew so fast that fell inside of #85’s drink, touched the wine and went up to air again to finish its trip between her lips! That was epic! Sadly, the little insect became crap the next day… We laughed so hard that it would sting!

The waiter came to our table to clean everything, #47 got up to help her friend out, but I’m a gentleman and I decided to help #85. I took the wheelchair, I tried to move it but it was stuck! So, I pulled stronger!

“MY LEG! WHERE’S MY LEG!?” the blonde girl yelled!

My face turned completely red when I watched that scene! A man and a waiter looking for a plastic leg under a table while a chick with weird multicolor eyes tranquilized her screaming handicap girl friend!

Oh, my God…! What a date! I really enjoyed it! That last thing was pretty weird… But I liked it! Not even #85 could ruin it and #47 was great. Those gray eyes drive me crazy! I need more of you, girl! And next time I’ll bring an extra leg!

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Caro! dijo...

jajaja, que desgraciado!!!! No se burle de los handicaps de la gente!!!! que malo! le doy kudos por mencionar la iglesia!

Caro! dijo...

that last video theY played

The day AFTER God’s arrival is near!

(QUITELE EL I)my knowledge about those girls grew quickly! TheY lived together