lunes, 28 de enero de 2008

The Ticket Machine!

I was waiting for 15 minutes in front of the library; twenty people were waiting to get their copies of homework, pages of books and stuff. I was about to get sick because of the human heat and hunger! So, I tried to avoid some people to get my copies first, I couldn't wait one more second!

One step to the right, push an old woman and tackle a nerd, that was all I needed to become the next in the crowd to be attended and did it! Time of joy and party! "Finally, in 5 minutes I'll be eating!” I thought. (And this is the part where everything is fucked up...) But my smile turned down when the library-girl ask me for my ticket! I didn't have a ticket! How was I supposed to take a ticket when I, with all my strength lol, almost got out because of the bunch of animals that wanted their copies! I mean, it was impossible to take a ticket! But when I waked up from my own anger dream, I was in the corner of the library, in front of the damn ticket machine!
My madness couldn't do something else than take a ticket but my 15 minutes of torture would have a sweet revenge! Anyway, I had to eat; my stomach was eating its own walls!
A girl and a guy went to my table to talk and the time made me forget everything about my copies! The next day the library would collapse and the red ticket machine with it!
The night is gone and the breakfast done, the bus taken and I was walking straight to the library. Everything was like I expected: a mass of people fighting to get a lil'paper to have a copy! So, I waited for 5 minutes and the opportunity came. The scoreboard in the wall was showing the 93 number, my ticket's number. One step to the right, push an old woman and tackle a nerd, I was in front of the library girl, I gave a smile and put my ticked on the big desk. "What the hell? Two 93 tickets?” she said when a pretty hot girl put her ticket by my side! Her green eyes made me stop each word I could possibly say, her lips had me paralyzed watching they move when she told me: "You go first; I'm not going to do a big drama because of a ticket". I felt like the biggest idiot ever...! But I had the hottest girl talking to me, I had to control myself and be the coolest guy in the library! So, I gave my papers, asked for the copies I wanted and tried to make a nice conversation with the girl. I made her laugh one time. Immediately, the library-girl brought me the copies. Another guy from the library finished helping my dream girl. "See ya", I said while I took her notebook and copies in purpose, got out of the library. Minutes later, I started to love the damn ticket machine, because when I got a call from the green-eyed-girl to give her the correct stuff, I knew a great way to meet chicks!
And that's how I met #97, #21, #83 and #54!!!

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Eduardo dijo...

Jajajaja, antes de hacerte mi comentario tengo ke decirte ke me hiciste suscribirme a google o a blogger, ni sikiera se a ke @_@ porke no permites comentarios anonimos bueno ya, solo di como tres clicks i mi programa relleno los datos autimaticamente jajajaja ^_^

Bueno, sobre el blog jajajaja me gusto mucho, i sabes, io tambien ODIO (i ke se estremeszcan los infiernos pk casi no odio nada) formarme en filas i hacer "colas" i awww es tan aburrido jajajaja

Afortunadamente en la biblioteca de mi escuela nunca se hacian multitudes i si se hacian naaa lo dejaba para luego o le pedia a alguien el favorcito (luego me los cobraban mui caros)

Pero bueno tuviste tu recompensa al final de el arcoiris o de la fila.

jajajaja de verdad me gust mucho, me trajo recuerdos de mis aventuras en la biblioteca, tantos contrabandos jajaja i nunca me sosprendieron! jajajaja ke bien.

Aprovecho para contarte sobre lo ke escribo, ya hubo avances, en todos los aspectos, me uni con un amigo mas o menos de hace un tiempo i estamos en esto juntos, el tambien tiene un proyecto ke escribe (no se si sea egoismo pero a mi me gusta mas el mio) jajajaja el punto es ke nos unimos i pensamos en un futuro, talvez un poco lejano, hacer juntos una editorial. pero bueno, te digo, hasta ahora son 6 capitulos los que estan previstos para mi obra, dos estan listos i estoi trabajando en el tercero, aunke practicamente tengo todo el libro escrito en la cabeza. te paso un fragmento de el segundo capitulo, es de la parte inspirada en la fotografia del segundo capitulo. te paso el link i kiero, no exijo, tu opinion mas sincera, si esta bien feo asi dime, apesta!! jajajaja

Pues me voi i a ver si mas al rato t comento el resto. bai.